The Optimal Body

The Optimal Body

Dr. Jen Fraboni & Dr. Dom Fraboni

Join top-40 Physical Therapy Influencer, Doc Jen, and her Physical Therapy husband Dr. Dom, as they bring you the body tips and PT Pearls you need to help you understand your body, relieve your pains and restrictions, and answer your questions. Along with expert guests, the goal of The Optimal Body is to help you discover what optimal means in your own body.

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Diagnosed with a calf strain? DocJen & Dr. Dom dive into the anatomy of the calf and how it relates to knee and ankle function. Furthermore, they discuss the causes of different calf strains and the protective mechanisms of the muscle spindles. Furthermore, they explain who is at most risk, stages of calf strains, risk factors for calf strains, and how passive range of motion within tolerance is advisable within the first 48-72 hours of injury. Finally, they provide insight into muscle loss and heel lift, as well as the power of balance training and strength exercises on calf strain rehabilitation. Get those fibres in an optimally healing environment!

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What You Will Learn PT Pearl:

3:20 - Who is at highest risk of a calf strain?

5:00 - Anatomy of the calf strains

10:10 - Who’s at most risk?

14:14 - Stages of Calf Strain

17:42 - Risk Factor for Calf Strains

19:20 - What to do 24-72 hours after injury?

21:47 - Should you get surgery?

22:40 - How to prevent muscle loss through calf strains?

25:19 - How heel lifts are perpetuating risk for calf strains

26:00 - The power of balance training

27:45 - Starting strengthening exercises

29:47 - Warm up!

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