Get Sleepy: Sleep meditation and stories

Get Sleepy: Sleep meditation and stories

Slumber Studios

Relax and fall asleep with Get Sleepy's unique combination of sleep meditation, followed by a calming story that lets you drift off to a peaceful slumber.

Categories: Health

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Narrated by Thomas Jones. Wander through the history and vibrant ecosystem of California's Monterey Bay.

Previous episodes

  • 204 - The Beauty of Monterey Bay 
    Wed, 13 Oct 2021
  • 203 - A Moonlit Autumn Hike 
    Mon, 11 Oct 2021
  • 202 - Exploring Spanish Wetlands 
    Wed, 6 Oct 2021
  • 201 - The Sleepy History of Julius Caesar 
    Mon, 4 Oct 2021
  • 200 - A Magical Night at the River 
    Wed, 29 Sep 2021
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