Relaxing Nature Sounds

Relaxing Nature Sounds

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Having trouble sleeping? Need some calming sounds while you write? Relaxing Nature Sounds are soundscapes designed for meditation, relaxation, sleeping, and other activates where you need natural ambience in the background. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube Music, and most other podcast providers.

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Picture yourself diving under the sea. The blue water envelopes you like a blanket. In the distance the loneliest whale in the ocean calls out to you. Close your eyes and listen. Reflect on the week behind you. Reflect on the day ahead of you.  Focus on the soothing sounds under the sea. Your heart rate slows. Everything is calm and serene.

Why I made this soundscape:

I’ve been a fan of Lady Zen’s music for a number of years. A couple of weeks ago she asked if I’d like to create a soundscape with her. I happened to be making this whale one and played it for her. “I like how it feel like the water is covering you like a blanket,” she said.

This is the first of many guided reflections we are going to create together over the next few months. Be on the lookout for guided reflections for each of the four elements.

Cover Image By Džoko Stach

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