What's That Rash?

What's That Rash?

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You've either seen it, or you've tried it. Ice baths are all the rage right now, in part because they claim to be an effective health and wellbeing booster. Is this just a fad, or is there solid evidence that dipping into freezing cold water can improve your immune system, calm down inflammation and better your mood? Norman went for the plunge – and lived to tell Tegan the tale. Got a health question? Shoot us a line @ABCHealth on Instagram, or send a voice memo to thatrash@abc.net.au. We'd love to hear from you! References Does the Wim Hof Method have a beneficial impact on physiological and psychological outcomes in healthy and non-healthy participants? A systematic review Getting colder ... the invigorating effect of ice baths - The Health Report

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