The Present Day Wise Woman - Healthy Life Hacks With Jennifer Jefferies

The Present Day Wise Woman - Healthy Life Hacks With Jennifer Jefferies


Are you stuck in survival mode? Want to make your health a priority, but life keeps getting in the way? Coming from a place of prevention, renowned naturopath and wellness expert Jennifer Jefferies shares grounded, realistic advice with humour, offering proven health hacks that are designed to bring about big changes to your health - fast and work around the busiest of schedules. Affectionately known as 'The Present Day Wise Woman', Jen is no stranger to corporate burnout and draws on her personal experiences of how she went from surviving to thriving.

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Pessaries are non-surgical devices used to support areas affected by pelvic floor prolapse, providing relief from symptoms by repositioning and stabilising pelvic organs. In this episode, Jen talks to Women’s Health physio Georgia about pessaries and pelvic floor prolapse.

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