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Nursing Australia

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A news and education podcast for Australian Nurses, working together towards a healthier Australia. Proudly presented by APNA, the Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association.

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The 69th episode of Nursing Australia 'Beyond the Bedside' presents:  

The latest Nursing Australia News (02:00): Copycat Ozempic, Nurses target Australia, and The Black Death rears its head 

Segment 1: Beyond the Beside (03:35): exploring non-conventional career pathways in nursing. We sat down with Kate from Sonic Health Plus to discover alternative ways you can utilise a nursing or healthcare qualification.   

Segment 2: Nataly's Story (16:09): Nataly Tormey is a nurse, care researcher, and designer. This year she has decided to hit the road with her two daughters, working for herself as well as driving her own self-led and self-funded project researching communities around Australia and eventually the world. 


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Hosted by: Matthew St Ledger & Mitch Wall
Produced by: Leith Alexander & Matthew St Ledger

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