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Hosted by Felicity Harley, the Healthy-ish podcast will give you the tools to make healthier decisions, for your mind, body and soul. Featuring guest interviews with the likes of Osher Günsberg, Michelle Bridges and Turia Pitt, as well as expert intel from doctors, dermatologists and dietitians, these bite-sized episodes will arm you with the knowledge and practical advice to get back the balance. We know we can't eat, think, act and move perfectly, 100% of the time, so instead we're aiming to be healthy...ish. Join us, every morning, from Monday to Friday.  For more, head to

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Yes, it’s our Friday ep and we’re chatting through the hottest topics in the health and wellness world this week. Joining host Felicity Harley is Healthy-ish producer Tabby Wilson. This week, they chatted about the cosy cardio trend (see story here); why single women need to go boy sober (see story here); why you pee more in winter (see story here). 



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