What The Duck?!

What The Duck?!

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The show with a mission to explore the mysteries of nature - especially the ones that make you go What the Duck?!

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It's the early 20th century,  a government scientist position was determined by a boxing match, and a tomato virus threatened to stop the development of Australian-style tomato sauce in its tracks.  Luckily, apart from their prowess as fighters, Australian plant scientists were leaders in identifying and controlling plant illnesses.  They wouldn't do it without some drama though, and in this very special podcast extra, Ann Jones traces some of the turbulent history of tomato virus research down under.    Featuring: Associate Professor Andrew Geering, University of Queensland. Production: Ann Jones, Presenter / Producer. Petria Ladgrove, Producer. Additional mastering:  Hamish Camilleri. This episode of What the Duck?! was produced on the land of the Wadawarrung and Kaurna people.

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