Alien UFO Podcast

Alien UFO Podcast

Simon Bown

Are we being visited by aliens? Are there craft in our skies that perform manoeuvres beyond human technology? Do people get abducted by ETs?

My mission is to investigate all things that are part of the wider the UFO phenomena. Each week I look into a different aspect of this fascinating field and go in depth into the evidence that is all around us. I am looking at UFO sightings, alien abduction, historic cases and other related phenomena. I interview researchers in the field and people who have had very real experiences.

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This week I'm reading from Lisey Clarkson's book 'Ordinary People and UFOs: A Memoir of Contact'.

Having experienced over a dozen encounters with craft not of this world, Lisey Clarkson is now compelled to share these startling events as the topic emerges to the foreground of public acceptability.
At times witnessed by her two daughters, she outlines how the silent observers were mostly present during mental disciplines, to which she critically attributes their timely appearances.
Explicit details of their varying sizes, materials, agility, and ability to appear on cue, are explored alongside tumultuous life experiences to provide an analysis of what was so worthy of observing.
Determined to deliver vivid accounts of close encounters with UFOs, she does not apologise for her honest inclusion of occasional coarse language, and sometimes uncomfortable situations that precipitated the desire to challenge her mind.
This book is about – and for – ordinary people, all of whom have something extraordinary in their design.
Lisey was a high school teacher and has experienced UFO phenomena her whole life.

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