Tech Talk with Mathew Dickerson

Tech Talk with Mathew Dickerson

Mathew Dickerson

Technologist Mathew Dickerson speaks with James Eddy to give a weekly summary of the latest technology developments from around the world. Send questions to

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The hydrofoil bike could revolutionise the triathlon: finish the swim and the cycle legs at the same time! 

Nespresso trying to keep you away from imposter pods. 

The latest revolution in stopping your car – electronic brakes. 

When you over-binge on Netflix streaming, there is now Netflix gaming! 

Diesel cars making way for EVs in the UK. 

Fancy your cycling skills? The Defence Force has a role for you. 

Facebook to delete all facial data. 

Video gaming to connect with family and friends. 

VW will bring their ID.3 to Australia sometime after we have some new government policies. 

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  • 32 - Smart doorbell legalities, virtual cattle fences and iPod memories. 
    Mon, 01 Nov 2021 - 0h
  • 31 - Internet censorship, opting-out of scam texts and unbreakable phone screens. 
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