The Tech Lead Coaching Podcast from Michael Rice

The Tech Lead Coaching Podcast from Michael Rice

Michael Rice

Being a tech lead, hands on engineering manager, or startup CTO is a huge challenge. My goal is to give you clarity, certainty, and confidence in the role. Let's get started 🎧 ✅

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Hey Tech Leads,

A pretty odd episode for you this morning tech leads. Super curious to know how you got in the role, what you're going to when you boot up in the morning, and what you're looking for. Wish you and I could have done this one 1:1 over coffee.

I mentioned a survey in today's episode. I'll post it at Seriously: really want to know who you are!

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  • 0:05 - Intro 👋
  • 1:04 - Our topic of the day: how are you in the role?
  • 9:31 - Thank YOU for listening!


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