Science in Astrophotography

Science in Astrophotography

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If you have ever wondered why galaxies, nebulae, etc. have the shapes and colours that the all the astrophotos show. And if you have always wanted to venture into the world of astrophotography to photograph those objects yourself. Then, this is your podcast! Here we will talk, in a clear and easy way, about the science behind all those images taken with the big telescopes. This will helps us planning better our astrophotography sessions and get the maximum out of our astrophotography sessions. We will also talk about the equipment needed to enter the world of landscape and deep field astrophotography, processing techniques and workflows. Would you come with me to this amazing journey around the cosmos?

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June is here and with it new astronomical events and new night sky objects to photograph. This episode not covers the description of the main events and also it gives you some interesting facts about them from a scientific point of view. Don’t miss it!

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