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Interviews with Wall Street Legends, Hedge Fund Managers, and Veteran Traders.

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Sign up for the full Masterclass with John Boik Here: This video is a sneak preview of the ongoing Historical Analysis Masterclass with Market Historian John Boik. In the 10 Webinar class we are covering Legendary Traders, their common traits, The Best Stocks of All time, how to catch the next ones, and all the market cycles going back to the 1900s. 10 Comprehensive Live Webinars covering Legendary Traders, Monster Stocks, and Market Cycles 230+ Page Textbook which culminates 20+ years of Research 460+ Slides compiling the material Special Guests: Hedge Fund Managers, United States Investing Champions 2 Bonus eBooks for every student ( How To Make Money In Stocks by O'Neil and Monster Stock Lessons by John) You can learn more about the class here: Nicolas Darvas is one of the greatest traders of all time. During the Bull market of the 1950’s, Darvas was able to turn $10,000 into over $2,000,000 in just 18 months. That is the equivalent of over $20,000,000 today! However, what's most impressive is that Darvas was able to accomplish this astounding return while trading by telegram and dancing professionally around the world. Darvas achieved these returns using his techno-fundamentalist approach where he focused on the strongest stocks in leading innovative themes. He then bought and sold shares using his Darvas box method, waiting for stocks to break out of a range and advance. He would then ride the trend until the trend structure broke down. In the most recent webinar with John, we dove deep into Darvas's past, his mistakes, successes, failures, quotes, and strategies.

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Enjoy! - The TraderLion Team ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next-Generation Stock Screener: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay in touch: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Our Blog: Timestamps 0:00 The Story of Nicolas Darvas 4:55 Darvas's Failures 8:00 Successes and making 2,000,000 17:37 Darvas's Best Stocks 18:18 Darvas's Strategy and Box Method 21:32 Best Quotes 22:55 Excerpts 28:00 Universal Controls Trade - Darvas Box Method

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