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Dive deep into the minds of Wall Street legends, hedge fund managers, and seasoned traders. Each episode offers a masterclass in trading, featuring exclusive interviews with industry giants. Discover their secrets to success and market mastery. Join us for a journey through decades of trading experience, and gain invaluable insights to improve your trading.

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📘 Get your FREE 115-page Ultimate Trading Guide: Matt Petrallia CMT is a professional trader with more than 20 years of experience blending both swing trading and position trading strategies. While some traders supersize positions on volatile stocks to try to earn super performance Matt is more focused on staying mentally balanced while his account climbs higher. In this video Matt discusses his approach the pros and cons to both swing and position trading along with his guidelines for each. Matt will always determine which category a trade fits in before he makes it. This way he always knows which set of rules to follow which in turn reduces the mental stress of trading. Swing Trading: - Catching short to medium term 'swings' in price - Compound account quickly; high turnover - Duration: 1 day to 2 weeks (market dependent) - Trading time frame: daily charts - Expectation: Ideally 3-5R Position Trading: - Catching medium to long term price trends - Requires sitting through pullbacks / earnings reports - Focus on weekly charts - fine tune with daily - Requires some knowledge of fundamentals - Lasts anywhere between one week to many months or even 1+ years - Larger R Multiple return is possible but comes with opportunity cost. He concludes by encouraging viewers to embrace failure and use it as a learning tool stating that traders who rush the process of attaining trading knowledge are more likely to fail. Matt stresses to always be in trade alignment: Time Frame, Duration, and Expectation. Follow Matt Petrallia on Twitter/X: Learn directly from Matt: Enjoy! - The TraderLion Team ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next-Generation Stock Screener: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stay in touch: Follow us on Twitter: Timestamps: 00:00 - Introducing Matt Petrallia 02:37 - Trade Alignment 11:20 - Creating Expectations 18:36 - Personalizing Trading System 26:14 - Swing Trading Rules & Expectations 32:45 - Paying Yourself on Winners 36:35 - Position Trading Rules & Expectations 40:41 - Position Trade Management 48:00 - 2023 Trading Results & Examples 53:26 - PLTR & PTX Trade Example 1:00:09 - SPOT, DKNG, NVDA Trade Examples 1:11:36 - AMD Deep Dive (Swing Trade) 1:27:43 - Closing Trading Advice

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