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Spain's top division La Liga has signed a record investment deal with CVC Capital Partners. Ashish Sharma looks at the terms of the deal - which means CVC invests into a new company that will hold LaLiga’s commercial rights. CVC will hold an 8% stake in the business for the next 50 years. Ashish Sharma speaks some of the leading figures in the top tier of Spanish football´s La Liga, including Ramon Rubiales the CEO of Real Betis. With the money that his club will receive, Rubiales explains how he plans to rejuvenate the club´s stadium and invest in building restaurants, a hotel and other leisure facilities that will help the club raise more revenues. Presenter / Producer: Ashish Sharma Image: Benito Villamarin Stadium of Real Betis, Real Betis Sevilla v FC Barcelona, May 7, 2022; Credit: Getty Images

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