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The Money Puzzle covers all the important property, business, money and finance news. 

With two episodes published every week, The Australian’s Wealth Editor James Kirby, along with business, property and finance experts share insights and information that you will use on your wealth building journey.

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We're talking about how to tackle inflation as an active investor. We also deal with a question on discounted Listed Investment Companies which - believe it or not - leads us towards the Taylor Swift school of investing.  It turns out Taylor takes tips from her ex-Merrill Lynch stockbroker dad, Scott - and she seeks out discounted closed-end mutual funds. The ASX version of this investment is discounted LICs - but are they for you? 
We also cover: Optimising your cash to tackle inflation, gearing at a time of high-interest rates, and getting to the bottom of family trusts. 

Financial adviser Bruce Brammal joins The Australian's Wealth Editor James Kirby on this week's episode.

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