The Michael Yardney Podcast | Property Investment, Success & Money

The Michael Yardney Podcast | Property Investment, Success & Money

Michael Yardney; Australia's authority in wealth creation through property

Are you looking for financial freedom or more choices in life? You're in the right place. Twice each week Michael Yardney shares smart property investment strategies as well as the success and personal finance secrets of the rich, in around 30 minutes. MIchael has been voted one of Australia's top 50 Influential Thought Leaders and while he is best known as a real estate investment expert, he is also Australia's leading expert in the psychology of success and wealth creation and a #1 best selling author of 9 books. Michael frequently challenges traditional finance advice with innovative ideas on property investing, personal finance and wealth creation. His wisdom stems from his personal experience and from mentoring over 2,000 business people, investors and entrepreneurs over the last decade. Michael's message will be priceless regardless of the size of your real estate investment portfolio - whether you're just starting out or an experienced investor wanting to move to the next level, he will provide you a roadmap for real estate investing and financial success.

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2022 was an extraordinary year, wasn't it?

And for most of us, it's also been a return to our daily lives of family, work, leisure, and vacations.

However, looking back to this time last year, who would have thought that we would have 8 interest rate rises in as many months, that inflation would be rampant, or that there would be a war on the other side of the world that would last for almost a year? 

Nobody could have foreseen all that’s happened, including the severe slump in consumer confidence because of all the economic uncertainty or that the coronavirus keeps lingering.

But as we’re now well into 2023, I can’t help but reflect on what Australia as a country has accomplished and what I’ve achieved personally, what I’ve overcome, and the lessons I want to carry with me into this New Year. And I'd like to share them with you today to help make 2023 a great year for you in your property journey.

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Shownotes plus more here: Twenty-two lessons from 2022 you don’t want to forget

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