Journey To Your Higher Self

Journey To Your Higher Self

Crystal Elizabeth Melville

This show is a place of refuge, a place for people who seek a better life to come be fed, edified, nourished, and encouraged. On this journey to our higher selves, I am a doorkeeper, watchman, spiritual guide, and coach working diligently to help you find clarity in your thoughts, words, and actions. I help you see clearly the path set up to help you soar, and the one that can cause you to sink. I am your humble servant checking the balance, making sure you deposit all that you can into the storehouse so that upon your arrival to your higher self, you will reap a bountiful blessing. The journey to your higher self awaits!

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A promo broadcast for Divorce Recovery for Women. What? Why? Who? Who it's not for.Cost? The Message: The importance of divorce recovery and why society needs it.

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