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Analyse Asia with Bernard Leong

Bernard Leong

Analyse Asia with Bernard Leong is a weekly podcast dedicated to dissecting the pulse of technology, business and media in Asia. We interview thought leaders, and global & regional leading industry players and gain their insights into how we perceive and understand the market.

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"The one thing that has become quite clear in Asia, at least it's direct to retail - the government is not ready. The market is not ready. And there still needs to be a very high level of consumer protection. A lot more of a B2B-to-C approach. Where, let's say today's Web3 companies will need to partner up with existing licensed entities, whether they be licensed startups or even licensed institutions to provide their offerings to the retail. That's actually really good. Because it provides safeguards. We saw what happened last time when we didn't have those safeguards. So many retail investors lost money in FTX's spectacular blow-up, right? And that really hurt the space, that really hurt the trust, it really hurt the reputation of the space. So directionally it is inconvenient but necessary. For governments to I would say slow down or make access to retail a lot harder. Like in Singapore, we don't see any upcoming movements that crypto is going to be available to retail or easily available to retail anytime soon. We see the same in Hong Kong. The exception would of course be Dubai, but that's already more on the Middle East part, right? And then in the US, it's like a witch hunt. Basically, the long story short is it's still going to be very B2B2C driven, where the interface towards the masses, the retail, will still lie within licensed institutions." - Qin En Looi

Fresh out of the studio, Qin En Looi, partner of Saison Capital, dives deep into the current developments and the future of Crypto and Web3 investments. He began with an overview of Saison Capital and its investment thesis. He shares how Saison Capital invests in the fintech and crypto space, and the current emergence of real-world asset (RWA) monetization, specifically in the tokenizing of physical assets on the chain. Last but not least, he shares what great would look like for Saison Capital.

Episode Highlights: [0:00] Quote of the Day by Qin En Loi. #QOTD [1:20] Introduction: Qin En Looi from Saison Capital. [4:09] From entrepreneur to VC. [5:40] Lessons from Qin En’s career journey. [7:15] Overview of Saison Capital as a corporate VC and investment thesis. [11:10] Definition of Crypto, Web3 and Real World Assets (RWA) monetization. [14:40] Typical day as a VC for Qin En Looi. [17:53] Choice of Blockchains (L2, Alt-L1) for Development. [22:02] Web 2.0 vs Web3. [23:07] Case studies in Web3 and Crypto. [26:54] How Web3 model can reduce operational costs in TradFi. [31:27] Challenges of RWA in different crypto markets. [35:26] Fractional Ownership and Illiquidity in RWA. [36:02] Trends in Web3/Crypto and RWA. [39:45] The one thing that Qin En Looi know about RWA and Web3. [41:45] Role of Web3 in the Finance Industry. [43:06] What does great look like for Saison Capital? [43:45] Closing

Podcast Information: Bernard Leong hosts and produces the show. Proper credits for the intro and end music: "Energetic Sports Drive" and the episode is mixed & edited in both video and audio format by G. Thomas Craig

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