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The News Agents - USA


Join Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel in a weekly podcast that unpicks everything you need to know about the world of US politics - all of it delivered with Emily and Jon’s astute analysis, world-class insight and wry sense of humour. Episodes are available every Tuesday/Wednesday. The News Agents USA is a Global Player Original podcast and production.

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David Cameron flew to Washington to try and seek more funding for Ukraine. But he's been snubbed by the House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Was it hubristic to think he could change minds in America? What happens to Ukraine now?

But we start with what happened dramatically, overnight in America where the state of Arizona has just brought BACK an abortion ban dating from 1864.

How popular will this antebellum law be? And could women's rights ultimately lose Trump the election?

And we speak to Democrat Congressman Brendan Boyle (PA-2), about Mike Johnson, Marjorie Taylor Greene and whether Joe Biden should debate Donald Trump.

Editor: Gabriel Radus

Social Media Editor: Georgia Foxwell

Video Production: Rory Symon

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