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Mark Levin is one of the hottest talk radio hosts in America. A prominent conservative commentator, best-selling author and constitutional scholar, Mark offers fresh takes on daily news headlines and dissects important events of the day. Heard weeknights on nearly 400 radio stations, Levin is loved in every corner of America. He cuts through the noise with his passion and intellect, often saying things others won’t. Or as Mark himself would declare: “That’s right. I said it!”

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, how has Joe Biden done a good job as President? The southern border is wide open and our immigration system is broken. Yet President Biden is concerned about paid family leave and hiring more IRS agents to collect more taxes and spy on our bank accounts. Sen. Joe Manchin is suspected to capitulate to a lower number ($1.9 - 2.2 Billion) to help Democrats get their trillion-dollar spending bill. Then, IRS monitoring bank transactions that are more than $600 is an open door to permanent surveillance of one's funds. Later, at the January 6th select committee hearing, Liz Cheney claimed that the actions of White House staff refusing congressional subpoenas suggests that they are covering for former President Trump. Afterward, commentator Mollie Hemingway calls in to discuss her new book "Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections."

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