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The Tech Leader Talk podcast brings together successful technology company leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts from around the technology industry to share successes, challenges, and examples of what’s working now to build strong tech companies. Tune in each week as Steve Sponseller interviews a new leader in the tech world.

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Are you using design reviews and testing to build a strong tech team?

Today I am talking with Shawn Buckley.  Shawn is the VP Destinations at Sierra Space where he and his team are developing and implementing the next generation of power and infrastructure for the evolving space economy.

Shawn is passionate about space systems, especially inflatable space habitats. 

He loves attending design reviews.  He considers it a privilege to participate in design reviews to see people’s work and see their excitement.  During design reviews, Shawn enjoys seeing all of the hard work done by hundreds of team members.

Shawn talks about mentors he’s had in his life and the way that he mentors young team members in his current work. 

I’m sure you will enjoy this discussion with Shawn and get some valuable insights about working with your design team members.

“For our inflatable structures, we have orbital debris protection that’s stronger than steel. This protects against high speed objects.” – Shawn Buckley (Senior Director of Engineering at Sierra Space)

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

- Designing and burst testing inflatable space habitats

- Improving collaboration between remote teams

- Protecting against high-speed space debris

- Mentoring younger team members

- Managing supply chain issues


Burst test video:

Courage is Calling by Ryan Holiday -

Connect with Shawn Buckley:



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