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Award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon, who helped unravel the bogus Russia collusion scandal, gives you his exclusive reporting and big newsmaker interviews. To get the unvarnished truth about what’s really going on in Washington, subscribe today to John Solomon Reports. To find out more go to

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U.S. Senator for Wisconsin Ron Johnson on having U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland engaging ‘in willful ignorance’ of his knowledge pertaining to Biden family business dealing and the attempted coverup of Hunter Biden’s federal charges. Johnson says, “he just doesn't want to know and so he may have walled himself off. It's kind of hard not to think that he hasn't had more knowledge than he certainly led on. But this investigation has been corrupt, the prosecution has been corrupt.” “Merrick Garland's role certainly, in appointing David Weiss is a special counsel. Now, there's one primary criteria for a special counsel, and that would be independence. If you had to find the one person on planet Earth, that is the least independent to be special counsel, it'd be David Weiss. He's the guy that will allow the statute of limitations run out on the more serious tax charges. He's ultimately responsible for that sleazy [Hunter Biden] plea agreement that fortunately the judge blew the whistle on. David Weiss should not be the special counsel here. And I have no confidence in the ongoing investigation prosecution now and I certainly have no confidence in Merrick Garland being honest with the Congress.” Additional interviews with Pollster Scott Rasmussen on GOP changing its messaging on abortion and Roe v. Wade going into the 2024 election and President of Foreign Policy at ‘The Heritage Foundation’ Victoria Coates on the UN General Assembly meeting.  See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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