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This week on Backchat, producer Libby Hopper breaks down the recently released WGEA data on the gender pay gap of Australian companies. How does your workplace stack up?

After that, in honour of remembering another year since the Stonewall riots, we’ve got Danny Lim in the studio to give us his take on the protest landscape in Sydney today. 

Later on the show, Eva Sikes-Gerogiannis chats to leaders from Sydney Students for Palestine about the nationwide student strike for Palestine last Thursday.

This episode of Backchat was produced by Libby Hopper, Dani Zhang, and Eva Sikes-Gerogiannis, executive produced by Bec Cushway, and hosted by Sana Sheikh and Tanita Razaghi.

This episode of Backchat aired 2nd March 2024 on Gadigal land.

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