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The Wise Guides with Amber Petty

Amber Petty

The Wise Guides is a show that celebrates the WISDOM of WOMEN, in particular the powerful and unique wisdom of Amber's very special guests. If you are craving conversations and topics that go deep, often mystical and always practical (yes, we can deliver both in the same mouthful) but delivered in a digestible way, this is the show for you. Amber Petty has recently published her first book, THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG (a memoir about mental health and love) - available at Amazon, Booktopia or

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ACTIVISM OR CLICKTIVISM Which will you choose? Australia mourns the loss of Father Bob, dubbed 'The Larrikin Priest' - a man who was always clear on his role on this earth and even got thrown out of the Catholic church while doing it.

This conversation with Father Bob was recorded in 2016 for a show called On for Young And Old with my friend Erin Wallis. It seems fitting that the first man I've ever had on my podcast will be one of the wisest men I've ever met, FATHER BOB (and his dog Frank - and in this week where he left the planet.

It was such an immense blessing to spend time with this man that had such an incredibly deep and otherworldly lens on humanity, faith, religion, evolution and so, so much more. There will never be anyone like Father Bob again.

Keep Father Bob's legacy alive by supporting The Father Bob Foundation -

The Father Bob Maguire Foundation is a Melbourne-based registered charity providing food relief, social inclusion, educational support and a range of associated services so that no one is left behind. 


Our mission is simple, to provide material, emotional and social support to whomever, whenever and wherever necessary. We come across barriers to this every day, but the strength of our mission is to overcome them with the force of community volunteers. 

The role of our Foundation is to realise Father Bob’s vision of ending homelessness and disadvantage. We are facilitating the establishment of a caring community, by the community, for the community. We want to give all kids a fair start to life and everyone a fair go. All have the right to be nourished physically, mentally and emotionally. No one will be left behind.  

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