The Wise Guides with Amber Petty

The Wise Guides with Amber Petty

Amber Petty

The Wise Guides is a show that celebrates the WISDOM of WOMEN, in particular the powerful and unique wisdom of Amber's very special guests. If you are craving conversations and topics that go deep, often mystical and always practical (yes, we can deliver both in the same mouthful) but delivered in a digestible way, this is the show for you. Amber Petty has recently published her first book, THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG (a memoir about mental health and love) - available at Amazon, Booktopia or

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Do you ever wake up wondering what the heck just went down in your dreams? Most of us use words like 'random' and 'weird' to describe the dreams we remember most clearly. But what if all of what you saw were codes, symbols and messages designed to bring us healing, guidance and even warnings of what might be up ahead? In this episode, I welcome back Dream Analyst Kristen Ross for the second time to discuss the mysteries of our sleeping life.

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