One Minute Remaining - Stories from the inmates

One Minute Remaining - Stories from the inmates

Jack Laurence

In 'One Minute Remaining' I speak with inmates serving lengthy prison sentences for a range of different crimes. From arson to robbery, attempted murder and even murder itself and everything in between.

I'm not here to try and prove them innocent or guilty, what I am here to do is allow them the chance to tell their stories. We'll look at the case's against them and allow them to tell us their accounts of the events that lead up to their incarceration.

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When you hear that someone has been handed a sentence of life plus 104 years you'd be forgiven for thinking that today I am sitting down with some sort of serial killer, or someone who has committed some incredibly heinous crimes but you'd be wrong.

Brad Hays is currently serving his incredible sentence in the state of Missouri. Brad is no career criminal, in fact up until this sentence he had never been to prison. Brad Hays did not kill anyone, he wasn't even present when someone was killed, in fact no one died at all in Brad's case.

So how and why has Brad been essentially handed a death sentence?

This is the story of Bradley Hays as told by him from his prison cell.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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