Life Uncut

Life Uncut

Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne

Talking all things love, life, lust, and a bunch of other stuff. Nothing is off limits in this podcast that navigates relationships and dating in the modern day. Brought to you by two bachelor finalists Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne.

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Welcome to therapy Thursday where we unpack your life dilemmas!

First up, Laura's obsessed with the original 'quiet quitters' and they're pigeons.
You can see why here.

There's a bit of a conspiracy theory going on tiktok where people are claiming that they've been conned by restaurant owners! They are saying that they have been chatting to people on dating apps, and teeing up a date at a restaurant only to be stood up at the restaurant.
So what do they do? Well, most of them end up buying dinner and drinks for themselves! 
Is this the most ridiculous conspiracy theory you've ever heard or do you think there's merit here?

Vibes for the week:

Laura: Netflix Doco "Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey"

Britt: Dog Poncho Towel by Dog

Keeshia: Lorna Jane 'The One' sports bra & Two Doting Dads episode Depression & Anxiety - Breaking the Stigma


Then we jump into your deep, dark and burning questions:

-My friend and I are moving out together to a rental. My boyfriend didn’t want to move out as he is happy living with family and is not working full time like my friend and I.My question is… when should you make your partner pay rent or put money towards things as he is bound to come stay multiple nights. Is it if he stays x amount of nights? What kind of boundaries do I need to set?

-How important is it to talk through your issues after having a disagreement with your partner? My partner and I tend to have issues, get cross with each other for a couple of days and then just go back to normal like nothing ever happened. Part of me thinks this is ok as we can’t always be hunky dory, but there is another part of me that thinks there needs to be resolution and understanding when there are issues? I grew up in a household that was not good at resolving conflict so learning on the go now

-I was ghosted by a guy who has come back and apologised for treating me poorly. I accepted the apology and we kept chatting. Last night I sent him a meme of a cat (he has a cat). We got onto the topic of dating and so on. I asked if he thought things would be different or the same if we dated now. He said probably the same and that we aren’t compatible because I have a dog! My dog is a small non barky toy poodle and is crate trained, sleeps in his own room and is an angel. So even though this guy and I get on super well and the sexy time was great at the time, his deal breaker on compatibility is because I have a dog - yet he has a cat…

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