Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel

Ricki-Lee, Tim and Joel

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Three of Australia's most respected personalities, Ricki-Lee, Tim Blackwell and Joel Creasey, come together to bring a conversational cheekiness to the drive shift. Artist and broadcaster Ricki-Lee joins Tim & Joel as the newest addition to Australia’s renowned drive show, with a combination of the day's hot topics, the best of digital and online and their unique benchmarks and games.

Featuring the segments that Nova listeners have grown to love including Monday’s Mailbag, The Wednesday Wheel and the highly competitive Quick Draw, the team and their new co-host Ricki-Lee will deliver everything their audience have come to expect and more.

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Categories: Comedy

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Happy Wednesday, ya betch!!!

  • What do you eat every single day? A woman eats more than 8,000 Christmas dinners after one every day for 23 years!
  • Supermodel Linda Evangelista shares her most HILARIOUS reason on why she doesn't date...
  • Forbes have crowned a new artist as the 'King Of Pop'... find out who in the Glossys!
  • What have people had in their body? A man was suffering headaches for nearly half a year and then discovered he has chopsticks lodged into his brain!
  • iPhone fail alert! A woman is going mad with her iPhone glitch after discovering it goes off at 9:25am every morning!
  • We spin the Wednesday Wheel and play a game of Google Off!
  • After hearing that Bradley Cooper said he rather the Eagles win a Super Bowl than winning multiple Oscars, Tim presented a Sophie's Choice to Ricki and Joel...

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