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Just the Gist


Famous scandals, true crime, celeb dramas, conspiracy theories, politics, amazing people throughout history... if it's an incredible story, hilarious hosts comedian Rosie Waterland and Jacob Stanley will tell you about it without bogging you down with any of the boring bits. You'll get just the gist of what you need to know - only get the juiciest, most entertaining details (you know, the ones that make you look very smart and interesting when you repeat them at a dinner party). 

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Reality TV is a global phenomenon. But.. what if we told you it kinda started in Sydney suburbia in the 90s.

In this special branded episode - in partnership with Paramount + - we're giving you just the gist of reality TV; from the first show Sylvania Waters in the 90s, to the worldwide phenomenon in Big Brother, then the 00s hits with The Osbournes, Paris Hilton in the Simple Life, The Kardashians and now in 2023 the next big hit could well be - The Family Stallone.

We give you Just The Gist but if you want more...



Hosts: Rosie Waterland & Jacob Stanley 
Executive Producer: Elise Cooper
Audio Imager: Nat Marshall 
Social Producer: Zoe Panateros
Managing Producer
: Sam Cavanagh 

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