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Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

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Nancy Grace dives deep into the day’s most shocking crimes and asks the tough questions in her new daily podcast – Crime Stories with Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace had a perfect conviction record during her decade as a prosecutor and used her TV show to find missing people, fugitives on the run and unseen clues. Now, she will use the power of her huge social media following and the immediacy of the internet to deliver daily bombshells!

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On a cold and rainy morning in February of 2005, Jacksonville, Florida forensic detective Karen Smith responded to a troubling report of a body discovered in a wooded area. The unidentified young woman was in a puddle of mud at the bottom of an embankment, adjacent to a well-traveled road. Karen and her team faced tough terrain, poor weather, and other daunting challenges before they could even hope to identify the victim. Then Karen discovered the key to this case in the strangest of places. Fifteen years later, the victim continues to visit Karen in her dreams. Subscribe to Shattered Souls : Apple Podcasts Spotify iHeart See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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