Conviction - The Craig Goozee Story

Conviction - The Craig Goozee Story

Craig Goozee

In 1997, Craig was part of an elite group of nine NSW Police officers ... his work was secret to his family and even to his fellow Police... His role was to gather intelligence on corrupt Police who protected the Crime Syndicate and Drug Lord networks. While working on one of the biggest undercover operations in Australia's history, came the biggest blow of the Goozee’s lives. Their beautiful 8 year old daughter, Jessica, was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of cancer – Ewing Sarcoma. From here on, Craig worked days surveilling Sydney’s most heinous criminals... And nights were spent camped on a cot in the cancer ward It was chaotic. All the while, Jessica’s effervescent sense of mischief and tenacious drive to overcome was keeping the whole Goozee family positive. Craig was fighting two simultaneous battles. One to uncover the web of Police corruption and to arrest the criminals they protect, the other, to do everything to save his daughters life. He had years of elite police training to combat crime…… he had no training as a father helping his daughter battle cancer. How could he help his beautiful daughter? There was no manual…. No procedure. He decided to embark on a series of ultra marathons to raise money for Children's Cancer research and to improve the conditions of the cancer ward he visited everyday. Craig now had three monumental challenges. How all three corners of this story evolve, interact and finally resolve is suspenseful, dramatic and emotional. A true story of passion and endurance. Triumph and tragedy. Based on the book “For One For All”. Author Craig Goozee Development materials by Lauren Clair. Adapted by Three Ring Circus Productions

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Craig and his team run a sting operation to arrest a security guard for Conspiracy to Commit an Armed Robbery. He then finds out the reason for his involvement with the informant and feels the pressure of what's to come with a new role.

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