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Adam Fleming explores the life and career of Boris Johnson with people who've known, watched, worked or dealt with him - from boy to man to prime minister.

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This series tells the story of Boris Johnson, from boy to man to prime minister - and now beyond.

For this special bonus episode - recorded just after the Privileges Committee found that he had deliberately misled the Commons over lockdown parties at Number 10 - we're looking back at his first year after Downing Street.

From his last-ditch attempt to regain the Tory leadership to his controversial resignation honours list to his fulminating response to the Privileges Committee report, we look at Boris Johnson's post-prime-ministerial career and ask what's coming next - will he be back?


Sir Anthony Seldon, historian, headteacher and author of Johnson At 10: The Inside Story

Will Walden, executive director at Edelman PR, formerly Boris Johnson's Director of Communications and Senior Counsel

Claire Bullivant, founder and editor of the Conservative Post and CEO of the Conservative Democratic Organisation

Charlotte Ivers, political correspondent at Times Radio and columnist for the Sunday Times

Producers: Lucy Burns and Natasha Fernandes Series editors: Penny Murphy and China Collins Production coordinators: Maria Ogundele and Sabine Schereck Studio engineer: Neil Churchill

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