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Bible Prophecy Daily is a weekday podcast produced by Eschatos Ministries. Biblical prophecy topics include the Second Coming, the Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel, the Olivet Discourse, the Apostle Paul’s Thessalonians teaching on the End Times, the Day of the Lord, the Antichrist and his Great Tribulation, the nation of Israel, rapture views (prewrath, pretribulationism, posttribulationism, preterism), millennium views (premillennialism, amillennialism, postmillennialism), how the Christian should live in light of the Return of Jesus, and other Christan theology concerning eschatology. To learn about the hosts of the program you can go to the Bible Prophecy Daily podcast website at

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Jake McCandless, with Stand Firm Ministries, recently returned from a trip to Israel with the ministry Generation 2 Generation. The trip was to show solidarity with Israel and to learn first-hand what happened in the 10/7 attacks. He was able to tour locations that were attacked and speak with a long list of people on the ground ranging from survivors to IDF officials. He gained incredible insight while on the ground with 360-degree views of the attacks which he will share over a series of episodes. In previous episodes, he has talked about what he learned about the attacks and the current conflict.

In this episode, Jake continues to tell of the prophecies he felt were being fulfilled before his eyes. As he shares in the episode for these prophecies one doesn’t have to be in Israel to see them, but the interactions on his trip gave great insight.  Recalling the sites visited and especially the military briefings Jake shares the larger picture of the attacks and how Hamas is merely a proxy of Iran. Iran has spread its power throughout the Middle East with its proxies. This grab of power from Iran may be the fulfillment of a prophecy in Daniel 8. Jake shares a possible novel interpretation of Daniel 8 in how it may be being fulfilled now. Whether one aligns with his interpretation this is an important issue to lean into. Learn more at

The Alma Research Center was mentioned in this episode, you can learn more at

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