Insight for Living Daily Broadcast

Insight for Living Daily Broadcast

Chuck Swindoll - Insight for Living Ministries

Join the millions who listen to the lively messages of Chuck Swindoll, a down-to-earth pastor who communicates God’s truth in understandable and practical terms—with a good dose of humor thrown in. Chuck’s messages help you apply the Bible to your own life.

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Revelation begins with a promise of blessing to those who read and heed its message-a message delivered from Jesus Christ. Join Pastor Chuck Swindoll as he illumines Revelation 1:1-8 and spotlights the Alpha and Omega, the only One who truly knows what lies ahead. Understand your place in God's divine timeline as you follow along with Revelation's portrayal of the past, present, and future. Find assurance in these important truths . . . that Jesus redeemed us by His blood and is coming again!

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