The Arrive & Thrive Career Podcast

The Arrive & Thrive Career Podcast

Tyson Day & Daniel Lunardi

The Arrive & Thrive Podcast was created initially by two mates, Daniel Lunardi & Tyson Day, who shared a love for career education and development. After the tragic and unexpected loss of Daniel Lunardi in February 2022, Tyson now continues their vision, inviting people on the show to share stories and learnings in a bid to help others develop meaningful careers and thrive in their chosen pursuits. We commemorate Dan’s soul with the honour segment, “What are you roaring about?” dedicated to the loving memory of Dan. Learn more about Arrive & Thrive and their programs at

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‘We need to centre the student in the learning process.’

The concept of a learner profile or digital portfolio gets thrown around in schools in Australia and the globe alot, however, what do they actually look like, and why are they important to the future of education?

In this episode we speak with Jordan Lewis, the Partner Development Specialist with SpacesEDU by myBlueprint. SpacesEDU exists to better track, provide feedback and focus on the students at hand.

Traditional reporting methods in schools have many drawbacks, and learner profiles offer a different way of doing things. Jordan shares his own story, what is happening in the North American education space and some fascinating insight that we can all learn from here in Australia.

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