Two Doting Dads

Two Doting Dads

Matty J & Ash

Two Doting Dads is a podcast series that follows the parenting escapades of two good mates, Matty J and Ash Wicks. Like all good modern relationships, they met on Instagram and instantly bonded over the fact that they were both sleep-deprived Dads doing their best to dote over their two children. They share a very laid-back style to parenting, they don't pretend to be experts and they celebrate every single parenting mishap (which there are plenty). If you're listening for parenting advice, you've come to the wrong podcast.

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Listen to the last episode:

Ever heard of Slap Cheek? No, neither had we before this ep, but Oscar (Ash's son) has it. For those wondering, it's a viral infection caused by the human parvovirus B19, which means no daycare. DEVASTATING !

Matt's won worst uncle of the week after giving his nephew some pointers on the scooter, which led him to face planting and getting 3 stitches in hospital. Matt was then back in hospital with Marlie (his daughter) due to an upset tummy. Don't worry, it was just a telescopic intestine (nothing serious).

All this medical chat reminded Ash of the time he suffered a twisted testicle and almost lost his nut (happy to confirm both nuts are still intact).

We also share your best Parenting Lies and have a crack at answering your parenting questions:

  • Is there anything you said you’d never do as a parent that you now do all the time?
  • If you could hire any celebrity to look after your kids, who would it be?

Follow @twodotingdads on Instagram here. Or slide into our DM's with any parenting question you need answered by a couple of doting dads.

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