The Sounding Board

The Sounding Board


Podcast with Craig Hutchison & Damian Barrett.

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This podcast is proudly supported by Drinkwise - if you're choosing to drink, choose to drinkwise. TIMES CODES 0.00 - Hutchy’s in NZ but heading to the World Cup. 2.00 – The Wash Up from the Victorian State Election and the Liberal’s loss. Did the Herald Sun have a post campaign de-brief to see where they went wrong. 8.45 – The Artist Formerly Known as Matthew – Matt Guy. He’s been revealed as a Twitter blocker. 13.00 – The RBA has apologised 16.45 – The Justin Langer story continues. 18.45 – Story insertion of the Week. 21.00 – The BOM. Does Hutchy have to be careful not to bag the BOM after a bad weather fail in 2010? 24.00 – New clickbait headline word ‘savaged’.   24.30 – Is Craig Kelly going to be the next CEO of Collingwood?   29.00 – Daisy Pearce and the post-game interview.   31.00 – Hutchy brings us a classic War Story from his time as a boundary rider for Triple M.   34.30 – Can you wear shorts on camera during a news cross?   35.00 – Frame Me In of the week for Mitch Cleary   36.00 – The predictable end of season ‘footballer returning to work’ stories.   Follow the show on Facebook or Twitter and send us an email anytime to This podcast is produced, engineered and edited by Jane Nield for SEN.

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