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Nathan, Nat & Shaun are all current world record holders in their own right – Nathan for having snuggled the most number of bunnies in a hammock (the previous world record holder was Cameron Diaz), Nat for putting the most number of socks on her left foot while listening to Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ and most recently Shaun for stuffing the most number of bananas down his pants with a record of 273. They’re all very proud of their achievements. They also do a breakfast show on Nova 93.7

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Categories: Comedy

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Inspired by Manchester United legend Paul Scholes (who does something VERY peculiar with his daughter), the guys hear about the unusual things that you experienced when growing up. The undisputed queen of Australian swimming Dawn Fraser also joined the guys this morning to talk them through the new award named after her PLUS terrible tales from the playground! See for privacy information.

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