Married At First Sight (MAFS): The Official Podcast

Married At First Sight (MAFS): The Official Podcast


The Official Married At First Sight Podcast has renewed its vows with a fresh host and an exciting new format!

Join host Shelly Horton as she dives into the week's relationship drama alongside MAFS relationship expert John Aiken.

This year, the Official Married At First Sight Podcast also offers fans a podcast exclusive: unmissable chats with this season's participants who'll share revealing insights and personal perspectives on their journey to find love.

The Official MAFS Podcast returns on Monday, February 5th, with new weekly episodes dropping every Wednesday following the Dinner Parties. 

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Listen to the last episode:

Tori and Jack tell all: what was behind Tori’s walk out? What’s their take on Jono and Ellie? And are they still happy?

John Aiken shares the biggest lesson of this experiment.

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Previous episodes

  • 19 - “Tori's the boss - and I kind of like it!”: Happily Ever After for Tori and Jack? 
    Mon, 08 Apr 2024
  • 18 - "Definitely a kick in the guts": Lauren unloads on texting deception 
    Mon, 25 Mar 2024
  • 17 - "I deserve better": Lucinda sees the Light 
    Wed, 20 Mar 2024
  • 16 - “I deserved every single bit of it”: Sara on facing judgement and making amends 
    Wed, 13 Mar 2024
  • 15 - "Definitely not on the same page": Eden on spilling secrets & speaking the truth 
    Wed, 06 Mar 2024
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