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A history podcast that explores the narratives, turning points and characters that shape conflicts, encompassing a blend of social and military history. Following on from the series on the Falklands War, best-selling military historians Patrick Bishop and Saul David turned their attention to the war in Ukraine, and now also the ongoing war in Gaza. Goalhanger Podcasts

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In this episode of Battleground Ukraine, Saul David speaks to David Patrikarakos from our sister podcast Disorder. David has just returned from Ukraine where he has been reporting on and off since the initial Russian Invasion in 2014. He discusses what he's witnessed recently and over the whole of his time in Ukraine and how the nature of warfare is changing both on the battlefield and on the propaganda front. If you're interested in listening to David's own podcast Disorder - you can find it here: If you have any thoughts or questions, you can send them to - Producer: James Hodgson Twitter: @PodBattleground Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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