The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole


Join Garry Lyon and Tim Watson as they catch up each week, head down the Rabbit Hole and explore their passions away from football and sport, with irreverent takes pop culture, current trends and hobbies.

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4 minutes – Reunions Tim has a reunion coming up A year 7 school reunion Tim says he could name everybody from his school in year 7 Garry has a 40-year footy reunion for Kyabram 10 minutes – Game shows Played audio of Kingy on the Weakest Link Garry told a story about when he was on Sale of the Century 19 minutes – School development Garry skipped a grade Garry says he loved English and History 20 minutes – Losing hair Garry asks Tim if he has ever thought about going down the path of doing something about his hair 38 minutes – Discussion re: The Chimp Empire 42 minutes – Training your dog 44 minutes – Eye cream Garry has a new eye cream he’s using Kiehls – powerful strength vitamin c 46 minutes – Farming, for Kubota Chopping down a tree Sharing wood with others 52 minutes – Quick Fire Rabbit Holes The origins of the huddle

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