The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole


Join Garry Lyon and Tim Watson as they catch up each week, head down the Rabbit Hole and explore their passions away from football and sport, with irreverent takes pop culture, current trends and hobbies.

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Back into the routine of footy season Tim’s meeting with Ch 7 today for the season ahead Tim’s advice for Garry’s premiership window for On The Couch The importance of a good wardrobe person at TV Men can wear the same thing everyday on TV and no one will notice Old training and pre-seasons stories Post-career footy litigation What genius thought 100 x 100m sprints was a good idea for training!? Tim did 10 x 200m on the minute The way Garry and Tim were mentally tested at pre-season camps Tim’s story on the genius of Terry Daniher, saving the team from a heap of running due to his farming skills And Garry on a trip to Gold Coast, a training camp which did more damage to his back When did sports science come in? Concussion discussion Discussion on their experiences with concussion as players What does the sports fans want to hear from TV shows, radio etc. Played audio of JJ Reddick Do fans like analysis or entertainment? How we consume and watch sport Played audio of Bill Simmons talking about Vision Pro technology How will we watch sport in future? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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