Copy Southbound Podcast

Copy Southbound Podcast

Bruce Gunter & Brendon Ryan

Copy Southbound is a Podcast that immortalises the real life stories from some of the great Pioneers of the Australian Trucking Industry. It brings to life what they have experienced and been able to achieve in such a demanding but rewarding industry and enables their stories to live on forever and be accessed by our future generations.

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Ben was part of our compliance team in Sydney and he’s been mentioned on the podcast plenty of times. Now residing back in Oakey out of Toowoomba, Ben looks after the compliance and training for Mort & Co and is an extremely talented operator. But his beginnings stem back to early days as a driver as he worked his way through the field. We have a lot of time for Ben as we learnt to respect his knowledge after the couple of years he worked with us and we truly miss his openness and sense of humour. He also has a natural ability to be as blunt as a ball pein hammer and has a dickhead meter more sensitive than mine and Bruce’s combined. Brace yourselves................

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