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In a casual ‘conversational’ style, Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley talk all things property investing in Australia. Each week they explore relevant and topical ideas in a fun and interesting way forming a complete guide to Property, Finance & Money Management. From which property to buy, structuring your loan, SMART Money Management habits, investing mindset, finding the right property investment strategy to tips for bidding at an auction, Bryce and Ben aim to share their knowledge with you!

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If you’ve been listening to the podcast recently, you’d know that we’ve been encouraging folks out there to keep investing despite today’s property market – basically, to be “greedy when others are fearful,” in the wise words of Warren Buffet!
But…how are you supposed to get into the market – or even make progress – when you don’t have the experience or the time to invest? 
Folks, the answer is a Buyers Agent
We’ll be deep diving into what a Buyers Agent actually does, the #5 critical roles they fulfil on behalf of their buyer and why they are super beneficial for folks looking to invest in today’s property market!
Here’s a teaser of the #3 biggest reasons to use them… 
#1: The Herd is ______  
#2: The War Chest is Getting ____   
#3: The ____in the Desert 
And you can be sure you’re hearing this from a real industry expert…Yep. For those of you that didn’t know, Bryce is a Buyers Agent himself with more than 18 years of experience under his belt!!! 
But we aren’t just giving you the positives – we’ll also be sharing the top 3 things to consider BEFORE taking on a Buyers Agents and the red flags which indicate it’s a no-go.   
Listen now to understand the importance of a Buyers Agent and if you really need one in today’s environment!!  
P.S. And because we’ve got SO much gold to share on this topic, we’ve had to break it into a 2-Part Series!! Stay tuned next week when Ben and Bryce share real-life stories and one of our favourite Winters Series Guest will return for a special appearance….😉
Free Stuff Mentioned… 

Introducing moorr: our newest evolution of the MyWealth Portal! Check it out here. 
Keen to get yourself a qualified Buyers Agent? Why not book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of Buyers Agents here! (And if you need any convincing, this is the top-notch team that Bryce used to lead 😉)  
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Looking to get a Depreciation Schedule done? Why not try BMT Tax Depreciation? And when you fill out this form you’ll also receive a discount for being part of The Property Couch community! (P.S. We don’t get any benefits from referring them though – we truly reckon they do a great job 😊)  
Read the article: 60% of WA investors could be forced to sell?! Check out the piece Ben references here in his “What’s Making Property News?” segment.  
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Here’s some of the gold we cover… 

0:00 – A sneak peek of today’s episode… 

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