Seriously Mysterious

Seriously Mysterious

John Lordan

John Lordan has been researching mysteries and crimes for over 5 years on the YouTube show BrainScratch with respectful and deep coverage. Now he's bringing some of his most interesting cases and some fresh ones to his first solo podcast. From unsolved murders to mysterious disappearances and events that can't easily be understood, anything is fair game as long as it's Seriously Mysterious. New episodes released weekly.

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One woman at the turn of the 20th Century shattered the glass ceiling and helped many other women do the same, but when she goes missing the investigation gets stonewalled.  What happened and why is the world still missing Maud Crawford.


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This episode was written by Christy Arnhart, edited by John Lordan and is produced by LordanArts.

This is not intended to act as a means of proving or disproving anything related to the investigation or potential charges associated to the investigation.  It is a conversation about the current known facts and theories being discussed.  Please do not contact people you are suspicious of or attempt to harass, threaten or intimidate them in any way. Do not release information that can be used to do the same, or join in attacks being conducted by others.
Everyone directly or indirectly referred to is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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