MEOW: A Literary Podcast for Cats

MEOW: A Literary Podcast for Cats

The Meow Library

Highbrow literature for cats.

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This podcast is a presentation of The Meow Library.

Gabi Abrão's Notes on Shapeshifting can be purchased here.

In a meditation class in high school, our teacher told us to pick our place. This teacher, who did past life regression on dogs and had created a secret holistic elective under the guise of what she told her superiors would be a course on "the history of alternative medicine," said to us, "Pick a place to be in. Just sit there and listen. Make room for visits from animals, insects, spirits."

- Gabi Abrão, Notes on Shapeshifting

This is the place to be in. Take a deep breath, and make room for a visit from a cat.

In this week's podcast, The Meow Library has translated passages from Gabi Abrão's bestselling poetry collection into cat language. After noticing that cats seemed inexorably drawn to copies of the book (a phenomenon experimentally verified by Abrão via a Discord post), we solicited field recordings of their vocalizations and assembled them, with the help of a professional narrator, into this 30-minute compendium of feline resonances found within the text.

For more, visit Gabi and The Meow Library on Instagram:

Gabi Abrão: @sighswoon

The Meow Library: @meowliterature

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