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You can simplify your life and Katy Wells will show you how. Katy is the host of the globally recognized Top-50 Podcast, The Maximized Minimalist, and a leading declutter expert. It’s her mission to uncover the root cause of people’s clutter problems and guide them through practical and sustainable solutions in the forms of decluttering physical, mental and emotional clutter and what’s holding them back in life. Through her online programs, social media channels, youtube channel and podcast, she has helped hundreds of thousands of families transform their home from chaotic to calm, have less stress and anxiety and gain freedom from clutter. Tune in and buckle up - your life is about the change. Listen weekly on Wednesdays! Get started decluttering your home with her FREE guide here: To learn more about Katy and her signature programs go to:

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We've got a super special guest on the show today – Dr. Joel, an amazing integrative pediatrician I met through Katie Kimball's Life Skills Summit. He’s here to shake up the way we think about kids’ health!

Dr. Joel’s journey is fascinating. After going through the usual pediatric training, he realized the system’s focus on quick visits and medication wasn’t cutting it. So, he dived into integrative and natural medicine, combining the best of both worlds to truly help kids thrive. And trust me, this is not the "woo-woo" stuff you might be thinking about.

  • We dive into some really eye-opening topics: Dr. Joel’s journey to integrative pediatrics Why combining Western medicine with holistic practices works Creating emotionally nurturing spaces for our kids The "Dr. Gator Smoothie" – no, it’s not a real smoothie, but a recipe for balanced, healthy living! Fun and practical ways to keep our kids active and healthy Tackling screen time and building stress resilience

We also chat about his new book, "Parenting at Your Child’s Pace," which is packed with insights for navigating the first three years of your child’s life. It’s like having a friendly guide by your side, helping you make informed choices without all the stress.

Tune in and get ready to rethink how you approach your family's health. Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or just curious about holistic health, there’s something in this episode for you.

Links Mentioned: Katie Kimball's Life Skills Summit: Grab your free ticket! AirDoctor Air Purifier: Use promo code MAX for up to $300 off and a free 3-year warranty! Dr. Joel’s Book: "Parenting at Your Child’s Pace" – Get it here

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