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Dylan invites interesting and notable guests to share their stories in a humorous and lighthearted chat, with plenty of banter mixed in as well. It’s like a hug from an old mate, it’s incredibly warm, positive, and comforting. He touches on career and life highs and lows, taps into mindset and psyche and ultimately uncovers what makes his guests happy and successful. You don’t need to know the guests before listening, Dyl will have you thinking they’re your best mates when the 60 or so minutes is up.​ *Description provided by Dylan Buckley's mum.

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Yeeees the Saturday Snacks are back! This snippet is from episode #149 with Richmond Tigers legend, Matthew Richardson. Richo discusses the turning point around his temper issues on field. Full episode #149 Matthew Richardson Contact Email - mailbag@dylandfriends.com Instagram - @dylbuckley @dylandfriends Youtube - @clubbysports Facebook - dylandfriends Tiktok - @dylandfriends Dyl & Friends is produced by Darcy Parkinson Video and audio production by Producey. ILY xx

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