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Australian Hiker

Gill & Tim Savage

Australian Hiker is Australia’s premier hiking podcast as well as providing a southern hemisphere view on overseas hiking. We are Australia's most downloaded hiking podcast with regular episodes being released every two weeks covering gear and trail reviews, hiking practice, recipes and skills. Bonus episodes will be released at least once a month and include interviews from the trail as well as with relevant industry and allied professionals. Let us do all the research for you.

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For many hikers getting out bush and going off grid is a means to get away from all the technology and the constant pinging of your mobile phone. If you aren’t connected for a few days does it really matter? If however you need to power various electronic devices on the trail the type and quantity of your power recharge needs is dictated by whether you can get away with just a single charge, a single set of batteries, or whether you need to have a back up option. In this podcast episode we provide a basic introduction into powering your hike as a hiker (as opposed to a car camper), and look at the pros and cons of the available options.   Australian Hiker Social Media Australian Hiker can also be found on our various social media platforms Australian Hiker Facebook Australian Hiker Instagram Australian Hiker Twitter Australian Hiker Pintrest Australian Hiker Youtube

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