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Australian Hiker is Australia’s premier hiking podcast as well as providing a southern hemisphere view on overseas hiking. We are Australia’s most downloaded hiking podcast with regular episodes being released every two weeks covering gear and trail reviews, hiking practice, recipes and skills. Bonus episodes will be released at least once a month and include interviews from the trail as well as with relevant industry and allied professionals. Let us do all the research for you.

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When we asked our community for some ideas for podcasts and articles one of the innovative topics raised was doing a hike where we only turn in one direction. Recently we put that into practice and while we thought that we would have a bit of fun with this walk we didn't expect to learn some things about ourselves and our hiking skills along the way. In this podcast episode we lay out the ground rules for this hike, bring you a series of short on trail recordings from the hike, and finish off with a 'Lessons learnt session'. For us this was unique walk and one that we were glad that we did.   Australian Hiker can also be found on our various social media platforms Australian Hiker Facebook Australian Hiker Instagram Australian Hiker Twitter Australian Hiker Pintrest Australian Hiker Youtube

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