Yowie Central

Yowie Central

Sarah Bignell

Join Sarah from the Australian Yowie Research team on her podcast, Yowie Central, for the latest on Yowie/bigfoot research in Australia and around the world. Yowie Central covers in depth conversations with yowie witnesses, field research updates from serious researchers, and tips from experts in the field. Sarah is also obsessed with mysterious phenomena, paranormal happenings and UFO/alien encounters, so buckle up - Yowie Central heads down all sorts of fascinating rabbit holes.

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We're talking yowies and little people, shapeshifters, magic and sacred stones this week with my two very special guests, renowned father and son duo Steven and Evan Strong of Our Alien Ancestry. They share (Ab)original Australian perspectives, as well as discussing the 3D to 5D ascension, our origins as homo sapiens and so much more...

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