Yowie Central

Yowie Central

Sarah Bignell

Yowie Central is a community radio show on MAINfm. Tune in for the latest on Yowie research in Australia and delve into the fascinating realm of Bigfoot, Sasquatch and cryptozoology from here and around the world.

Categories: Arts

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Yowie Central Episode 94 features the legendary founder of Australian Yowie Research, Dean Harrison, who shares the story of when he was hit in the chest and sent flying by a very angry yowie in Kilkivan QLD, 2009. We also have mental health specialist and two-time yowie witness Valerie joining us to share her two sightings and discuss the mental health impacts of witnessing something so life-changing and paradigm-altering. 
Theme song "Sasquatch" by the brilliant Parry Gripp. 

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