Wings of Fire: For Scavengers by Scavengers

Wings of Fire: For Scavengers by Scavengers


Wings of Fire: For Scavengers By Scavengers is all about the series Wings of Fire! We do deep dives into each story, look into things you might have missed, and just talk about random things such as the queens, the landscape of Pyrrhia and/or Pantala, or different ships throughout the series.

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Hi, everyone! Today, I am taking about comparisons between Wings of Fire villains and Marvel villains! I love a good hero, always have, but sometimes those awesome villains just draw me in more. They’re more relatable sometimes, or sometimes they might just be more interesting. It all depends. For every good hero, there’s an equally good villain hiding in their shadow. Oh, and please remember to check out my Marvel podcast: Make Mine Marvel. Enjoy!! **Spoilers for all the books.

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