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Mr Gee's Essential Vibe Shows


Mr. Gee Essential Vibe show from Blackpool playing only the best uplifting trance from the smaller artist to the bigger boys, So turn your radio's and get your feet movin' + don't forget I will be live every 2 weeks from the studio at Blackpool Support us if you can on for exclusive mixes

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Subscribe to us now on With only the best Uplifting Trance available from all good digital stores Mr. Gee now brings you his weekly, Essential vibe show LIVE from Blackpool UK, as he plays the hottest new tracks and brand new Promos coming soon, & Supporting the smaller labels that the big boys don't play.Follow me: on Pioneer KUVO = Download our ALEXA App = Dancefmlive Website = Store = We also offer 30 Days or Pay in 3 Payments with KLARNA or Paypal Interest-free

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    Wed, 14 Apr 2021
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